Welcome to Afro Yogi Kids

Finally! A spiritual, emotional, and mindfulness training space structured for the African American child. Today, Black kids have to face a lot of pressure from their peers along with society and media’s false narrative of what it means to be an African American. They will have a strong possibility of growing  up to face many internal battles. We can not afford to be lazy when raising the African American child. We must instill in them confidence, self-control and enough mind-fullness to the point that they can still remain stern.  Afro Yogi Kids was created to help black kids obtain self-confidence, heal/combat trauma, and to create focus and emotional control. We understand the challenges, even as adults, to gain control over those many factors that stay racing inside of our minds. They are crippling and can take control of our lives if we don’t learn how to silence them and use them for fuel towards our destiny. Teaching our kids how to control their minds at an early age can be extremely beneficial for their health, well-being, and their futures. We aim to give our Afro Yogi kids the gift of peace, clarity, determination, focus, and the self-confidence to strive. Our trainings are lessons our children can take with them for the rest of their lives as we aim to teach them to understand themselves, their minds, bodies, and souls. Its never too early to learn and practice these valuable lessons. Our ultimate goal is to do our part in helping to raise future generations of mentally and emotionally strong African American children.

Afro Yogi Kids

What We Offer

Studio/ Virtual Sessions

Bring your child in to get a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness class in our studio or via Zoom! Head over to our schedule to choose the class that works best for you. 

After School Programs

We are here to give your child the break they need from their long school day. Our after-school programs includes our standard practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and play of course!

Camp and party add-ons

Why not have yoga at your summer camps or even have a yoga party? Kids love yoga and with our structure its a lot of fun! Tell us your theme if you have one and we will create a session that fits right in. Contact us for more information.

One on One focus

If you want your child to focus and relax in a solo session, then this is for you. We can structure this sessions into a general focus or a specialty focus to meet your child’s needs. Check out our services page to get a list of specialty focuses.