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These one-on-one classes are scheduled to give the student our full-attention. Plans are created based on the need of the student/ concerns of the parent. These classes are held once a week. 


Your child will join other registered Afro-Yogi Kids from around the world on their journey to social. emotional, and spiritual growth. These courses are split into 3 groups (ages 5-8), (ages 9-12), and (ages 13-16) and are held once a week 

Parent and Me

This parent and me is designed for you to bond with your little one but most importantly to give you confidence and a safe space to release, connect, and share experiences and advice with other parents while still focusing on your self-care. We have these classes separated in Daddy and me/ Mommy and me course. So dad’s will meet together and moms will meet together. These courses are held every 2- weeks. 

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