"I want to show our community of kids just how powerful their minds can be".

Owner of Afro Yogi Kids

Afro Yogi Kids

Specialty Yoga/ Meditation classes offered one on one or in a small group setting


Black kid’s suicide rates are rising, so lets fight back by teaching them how to deal with the hardships that may be getting them down.

Anxiety relief

Is your child a nervous little one? This class focuses on getting them more relaxed when going through their everyday lives.

Sports focused

Meditation and yoga is structured to help one focus; and when they are playing sports Focus is a main priority! This practice is becoming popular for sports athletes.

Education Focused

Lets get them ready for the classroom by building a can do attitude and anxierty relief when it comes to learning and testing. 

Self-Esteem building

Black is beautiful, strong, & powerful. Embrace it! Teach the kids to love their melanin.

Trauma Coping

Unfortunate things happen in our community to our children everyday. Poverty, violence, bullying, death, and the list goes on. Lets help fight against the life-long trauma these events may cause if your little one has been impacted.

What we offer

A completely 100% emotionally unique yoga experience; structured entirely for the Black children ages 5-15

Studio Sessions

Bring your child in to get a yoga class in the studio with our instructor. Head over to our schedule to choose from our general yoga classes or our specialty classes.

After-school programs

We are here to give your child the break they need from their long school day. Our after-school programs include our standard practices of yoga, meditation, and play!

Camp and party add-ons

Why not have yoga at your summer camps or even have a yoga party? Kids love yoga and with our structure its a lot of fun! Tell us your theme if you have one and we will create a session that fits right in.

One-on- One focus

If you want your child to focus and relax in a solo session, then this is for you. We can structure this sessions into a general focus or a specialty focus to meet your child's needs.