These one-on-one classes are scheduled to give the student our full-attention. Plans are created based on the need of the student/ concerns of the parent. These classes are held once a week. 


Your child will join other registered Afro-Yogi Kids virtually from around the world on their journey to social. emotional, and spiritual growth. These courses are split into 3 groups (ages 5-8), (ages 9-12), and (ages 13-16) and are held once a week 

Mommy and Me

This mommy and me is designed for you to bond with your little one but most importantly to give you confidence and a safe space to release, connect, and share experiences and advice with other mothers while still focusing on your self-care. These courses are held every 2- weeks. 

"I want to show our community of kids just how powerful their minds can be".

Owner of Afro Yogi Kids

Afro Yogi Kids Academy

What's really going on?


Children of Color suicide rates are rising, so lets fight back by teaching them how to deal with the hardships that may be getting them down.

Anxiety relief

Is your child a nervous little one? Afro Yogi Kid’s Academy focuses on getting them more relaxed when going through their everyday lives.

Sports focused

Meditation and yoga is structured to help one focus; and when they are playing sports focus is a main priority! This ancient practice is becoming popular for sports athletes.

Education Focused

Lets get them ready for the classroom by building a can do attitude and relieving anxiety  when it comes to learning and testing. 

Self-Esteem building

Melanin is beautiful, strong, & powerful. Embrace it! Teach the kids to love their melanin.

Trauma Coping

Unfortunate things happen in our community to our children everyday. Poverty, violence, bullying, death, and the list goes on. Lets help fight against the life-long trauma these events may cause if your little one has been impacted.