Afro Yogi Kid's Academy

A Virtual Spiritual and Emotional Academy for Children of Color

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Welcome to Afro Yogi Kid's Academy

Afro yogi Kids Academy is an online platform created to teach kids of Color from all around the world emotional and Spiritual growth.  Afro Yogi Kids was created to build self-control, self-efficacy, and overall self confidence in the child of Color as they deal with situations that involve appearance, education, sports, anxiety, depression and much more. These situations can cause a child to feel the need for a sense of relief.  Along with past and future life events. Yoga and meditation are extremely important in helping with the state of our children’s mental health and has been used by our ancestors for centuries. 

"If they can control their minds they can control their futures"

Afro Yogi Kids

What are the benefits of joining Afro Yogi Kids Academy?


We are family and we definitely conduct our class as a unit. Expressing the importance of community.


Our yoga, dance, and games will help to keep our Afro Yogis heart rate up and healthy. We mix a bit of action into our relaxation sessions.


If you’re thinking adult yoga for Kid’s, you’ve got it wrong. It’s a kid’s yoga class, we have to get creative and structure our classes to keep our yogis entertained (most of the class). 

Emotional Control

Don’t take for granted the stresses our kids deal with daily. Lets teach them how to let go and move forward with their goals. Holding on to stress is a threat to our health. We teach breathing techniques and give relaxation tips. 


Meditation is the key. We teach our Afro Yogis how to stay on track and complete their goals and desires. Kids are naturally curious, we forgive them, but we plant the seed of the importance of focus now and watch the lesson bloom.


This is one of our BIGGEST goals! We want all of our kids to understand the importance confidence. Being comfortable in their skin, no matter what society may throw their way. Confidence can get you far, while a lack of it can certainly hold you back.  We also use lessons in African Spirituality to assist with some of our lessons.