Welcome to the Afro Yogi Kids Social Club — an innovative program that bridges the virtual world with real-life gatherings, offering both online and monthly in-person experiences! Our club invites kids to embark on a journey filled with yoga, critical thinking, engaging discussions, and enjoyable activities, steering young African American minds towards deeper thinking and confidence. At Afro Yogi Kids, we empower young individuals to celebrate their individuality, delve into the world of African spirituality, and boost their self-esteem through a holistic approach to well-being. Together, we’re nurturing confident, resilient, and mindful leaders of tomorrow.

Who Are We?

Step into a world of adventure and empowerment at Afro Yogi Kids Social Club! We’re a vibrant community designed exclusively for children aged 6-15, where yoga, meditation, and mindfulness become thrilling journeys of self-discovery. Our engaging activities boost self-esteem, ignite self-confidence, and nurture critical thinking. We celebrate diversity, cultural heritage, and the unique qualities that make every child extraordinary. Join us in cultivating compassionate leaders who cherish self-awareness, holistic well-being, and a connection to nature. Afro Yogi Kids Social Club— “Find your Inner Warrior, Nurture your Inner Peace.”

Our Mission
Embrace your individuality and let your voice be heard. Your thoughts and ideas are valuable contributions to the world. "
Afro Yogi Kids
Lakischa Smith, Creator

Confidence, Self-Efficiency, and Critical Thinking Skills.

Practicing Courage and Emotional Control

Creating a space for Community and Connection

Ages 6-15